Timothy Lake Sailing (mt Hood, Oregon)

Timothy Lake Sailing (mt Hood, Oregon)
Timothy Lake cruising (Mt Hood, Oregon)
Our family has actually visited Timothy Lake each year for more than thirty years. These trips have been so I can sail the different boats i’ve hauled up-and-over the many passes on Mt Hood. So I have some local understanding to share with you along with other sailors. To begin with, yes its a very good spot to camp and bring your boats. Timothy Lake has actually four main campgrounds each along with its very own motorboat ramp. Ill list from the campgrounds so anyone that wishes may google them while making reservations to camp. # 1 Oak Fork Campground, number 2 Gone Creek Campground, # 3 Hoodview Campground, # 4 Pine Aim Campground. All four are great, but Gone Creek is my personal favorite for sailing. All of the campgrounds have time use places where you’ll park and launch your boat if you dont intend to camp. Its about two hours back to Portland, half an hour back to Government Camp. But dont bring only any watercraft, deep draft fin keels may well not float down your trailer. Most of the ramps tend to be shallow which means in case your boat requires two or more foot of water to float from the truck perhaps you are really unsatisfied, or plan to do a little winching and pushing. Ships with dagger panels many move keels tend to be fairly easy to introduce and beach. Hobie Cats, Lasers, Lightnings and all sorts of the car toppers tend to be perfect. There are no docks so plan to beach your vessel or wade to coast. Timothy Lake is manufactured and before they built the earth dam in the fifties it was a forest, so there are many big tree stumps just beneath the area across the shore range. The stumps are a little creepy but actually dont pose a problem, and every of the campgrounds have nice shores which are stump free (sort of). Unlike some lakes, at Timothy they never ever seem to reduce the water level, we always have a complete pond. The water is extremely clean and clear and eighty foot in the deepest. The water temperature is pretty warm, young ones and adults do not have problem swimming and spending the day involved with water tasks. There was a ten miles per hour rate limitation and that means you wont see any liquid skiers or jet skis unless these are typically risking a ticket. This is simply not a high wind pond during summer. Some days are completely peaceful, which is perfect for canoeing. Its outstanding place for novices and children to learn sailing and sailing. Also on peaceful times you are able to rely on a little afternoon thermal snap for approximately couple of hours. This is not to state your wind doesnt appear, i’ve capsized Hobies and flown a pontoon several times . Timothy Lake is approximately 1 miles by 1 miles that is tiny adequate that one may see many the pond and know in which you and also the children are, however it nonetheless makes a great lengthy tack based your watercraft speed. The climbing and cycling trail all over lake is mostly about 12 miles and very worthwhile. At 3200 feet elevation the evenings can get crispy around the campfire, but 75 plus levels day time conditions are common also. People park in campground time use lots and ship camp across the pond inside woods. The campgrounds will refill on vacations so reservations are a necessity in July and August.
excerpt from www.TripTalkUSA.com


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